Key Facts

#1 : We focus on early stage investing

Maximum round size: 500,000 EUR

Maximum valuation: 2,000,000 EUR

Investment size: 50,000-300,000 EUR

#2 : We love (calculated) risk

We invest early

We love technical products with high entry barriers

We back frugal founders running capital-efficient businesses

#3 : We bring more than capital

Our experience

Our expertise

Our network

#4 : We are flexible

We can write a check within 24 hours (or 24 months)

We invest individually or with a syndicate

We selectively back emerging fund managers as LP

What is key for us:

Intellectual property

Scalable business model

Multi-founder team

What is a plus for us:

Large market

Repeat founders

Significant traction

Key People


Emmanuel is a C-level executive in the telecommunications sector. He has experience of managing and investing into early stage and more mature companies through the cycle up to IPO stage.



Nicolas is managing director of an asset management company he co-founded in 2013. Nicolas worked for a VC fund and held various C-level positions mainly in the financial industry.



Anna is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive within the logistics, data, fintech and healthtech sectors. She brings first hand experience of scaling-up a company from startup to unicorn status.



Key Portfolio Companies

Your company?

Key Contacts